Industrial wood is an indispensable material to create most modern types of POSM. There are many types of Wood used to create a beautiful POSM and depending on the needs of customers such as MDF, HDF, MFC or plywood and laminated wood, … with different characteristics. Depending on the product of the customer, we will choose and advise the appropriate wood type.

POSM made from industrial wood is often preferred in the food industry because it comes from environmentally friendly nature. But when needed for a luxury product POSM Wood is also perfectly responsive. The ability to easily surface treatment and combine well with other materials to create a complete posm in terms of quality, appearance and requirements in use.

With its characteristics, POSM products made from high-quality industrial wood always meet the requirements of demanding customers both in terms of aesthetics and technology. Industrial wood such as MDF or HDF ensures your product will have good waterproofing, smooth surface, along with beautiful cutting lines and wood graining techniques, Key Communication will give customers the products with maximum support for your sales.